WE BELIEVE that “innovation” is about creating value and making an impact. No value creation, no impact, no innovation.

WE BELIEVE that innovation isn’t limited to novelty, new inventions, disruption, or revolution. Adaptation, business reinvention, re-versioning, re-visioning, hacking, collaboration, change-ups, pivots, leveraging hidden assets, and incremental, continuous improvements can produce innovative solutions.

WE BELIEVE that the biggest hurdle to innovation is implementation. The world is littered with great ideas that were poorly implemented. Ideas have to be executed well to generate value.

WE BELIEVE that innovation DOING is as important as — if not more important — than innovation THINKING.

WE BELIEVE that inventiveness and reinvention can happen at ALL LEVELS of an organization. In corporations AND startups. In for-profits AND nonprofits.

WE BELIEVE that smart thinking and ability to adapt can overcome competitive disadvantages, bootstrapped budgets, even company crises.

WE BELIEVE that America is inherently “innovative.” American business is “innovative.” The world is “innovative.” And with the right tools, process, commitment, and vision ANY COMPANY CAN BE “INNOVATIVE.”



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  1. Appreciating what has gone before and contributing to culture in a practical manner.

    Hello from New Zealand. Perhaps I’ll hear from you?

    Regards, A.D. Wright

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