The RE:INVENTION Report: September 2012

Over the years, the word "hacker" has developed a negative connotation that in no way reflects its original intended meaning. First coined in the mid-'60s, the term was famously used by author Steven Levy in the title of his 1984 book, "Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution." Heroes? Absolutely! By Levy's definition, hackers are admirably ethical visionaries who subscribe to altruistic concepts like sharing, free access to information and improving everyone's quality of life.

As we recently tweeted, hackers are also known to overcome obstacles, scale walls and "hack" solutions to achieve their goals. That makes them innovators. The world is full of fascinating problems waiting to be solved. Hack into the true meaning of the word "hacker" -- be a growth hacker, a hacker for good - and put yourself on the path to innovation today.


Need some inspiration for your foray into the exciting world of hacking (the constructive and profitable connotation of the word)? Here are RE:INVENTION's "MUST READ THREE" for September.

1. "To be part of the future, you have to hack it." That's what author Alan Moore believes, and we agree. Are you ready to do so? Click here to read his thought-provoking Huffington Post guest column.

2. Check out RE:INVENTION Twitter FAVORITES. Ninety-two (92) business inventiveness and reinvention tips you can hack into immediately.

3. Visit RE:INVENTION's Insights Page for an easy-read roundup of the latest industry reports and news updates about business inventiveness, reinvention, and innovation. This month's inspirational innovator: all 15 companies featured in Gigaom's MOBILE 15, a list of the corporations and startups that are changing the mobile landscape. Essential info for hackers!


Hackers aren't afraid to engage in the exchange of ideas. We respectfully disagreed with blogger Ralph Orr and Entrepreneur Magazine editor Rieva Lesonsky about the concept of evolution as it applies to innovation. Read the discourse here.

Each Tuesday, we toast successful hackers -- err -- innovators like SoloPower, one of four U.S. solar panel manufacturers to clinch a $197M government loan under the same controversial Department of Energy program that supported failed panel maker Solyndra. Read about them HERE.


Martin Thornkvist's blog about "growth hackers" explains why an increasing number of start-ups are looking for them. PR also is absolutely vital to the success of a start-up. Whether you're completely clueless to the concept or if you're looking for some validation of your own initiatives, our tutorial on how to boost sales and investor leads through communications is a must-read. Check it out here.


Innovation "hackers" are hereby invited to share their knowledge on RE:INVENTION's blog for the benefit of everyone. One lucky "hacker" who adds a collaborative, constructive comment to a RE:INVENTION blog post before October 10 will win a $50 Amazon gift card. You must also LIKE us on Facebook to qualify.


Think fashion retailers can't be hackers? Think again. With the market expanding for inexpensive, runway-inspired clothing, the "fast fashion" retail concept has hacked into traditional retail operations with rapid prototyping, lean production methods, better trend forecasting, and innovative inventory management. RE:INVENTION's CEO discusses the fast fashion retail trend in a recent U-T San Diego article. Click here to read more.


According to John Hagel, Co-chairman of the Silicon Valley-based Deloitte Center for the Edge, "we're all going to have to become hackers". That means you're now obligated to create a culture of continuous innovation. We're here to help with our FREE Innovation Planning Guide - exclusively for RE:INVENTION email subscribers. Download your FREE Innovation Planning Guide HERE.

Media Alert: Did you start your business during the recession? Did you "hack" the economic crisis? Joyce Rosenberg (Associated Press) wants to interview you TODAY. Send her a brief mail explaining why you launched your business and how you are doing:


Hackers are always welcome to join the conversation about innovation. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. And mark your calendars for #INNOCHAT - every Thursday at 11 AM Central time on Twitter.

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