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The RE:INVENTION Report: September 2013

In honor of Self-Improvement Month, this end-of-September edition of the RE:INVENTION Report highlights reach-for-the-sky business transformation tips to help you boost revenues and advance your business. Take flight and soar with our insights about market shifts, industry trends, and emerging technologies.


1. Ask the right questions, and you'll achieve lofty goals. These 35 QUESTIONS (which appeared in a recent Forbes article) will ensure that you and your company can successfully navigate climbs, descents, and turns while pursuing continuous improvement. Pay special attention to the 13 questions in the Business and Entrepreneur section.

2. Explore our CASE STUDIES. Learn how 10 companies aspired to new heights and sought supportive insight from partners.

3. Don't miss RE:INVENTION's new Friday feature, "5x5" -- a weekly discussion about a controversial topic showcasing the diverse perspectives of our leadership team. Last Friday's 5x5 debate: RISING ABOVE THE FEAR OF FAILURE.


• "Self-improvement" is not a solo flight -- IT DOES NOT HAPPEN IN ISOLATION, advises Chris Lathrop, RE:INVENTION's Brand and Digital Strategy Practice Leader. It takes a flock of wingmen (and women).

• 82% of CEOs report their investments in innovation don't pay off. 96% of all innovations fail to return their cost of capital. HERE ARE TWELVE TIPS that will help improve your innovation ROI and success rates from RE:INVENTION's president, Kirsten Osolind.

• Want to prepare for a smooth flight despite uncertain weather conditions? MAP IT OUT.


Successful idea implementation drives organizational growth yet it can be the most treacherous step in transforming company practices and business improvement. RE:INVENTION's INVENTION AND IMPLEMENTATION™ service package includes new product concept development and testing, but it doesn't stop there. We provide quarterly checkups for one full year following our engagement to ensure results. Let us help YOU ACHIEVE HIGH ALTITUDES with your next product launch.


• RE:INVENTION has just been honored as a 2013 iMedia Agency Awards finalist in the "Best Agency for Performance Marketing" category. READ MORE.

• This month, RE:INVENTION Business Intelligence and Technology Practice Leader Joe Barrus was quoted in INC. Technology's, "GUIDE TO JUMPSTARTING TECHNOLOGY" for small to midsize businesses. Joe's tips will get your company's capabilities off the ground.

• RE:INVENTION President, Kirsten Osolind, was recently honored as a San Diego Magazine "Women Who Move the City" Award finalist. READ MORE.

• RE:INVENTION Innovation Labs Strategist, Jorge Barba, recently led a discussion about overcoming innovation inertia on INNOCHAT, a lively one-hour Twitter Chat that takes place every Thursday at 12 Noon Eastern. Review the CHAT TRANSCRIPT.


September was Self-Improvement Month, but your company should strive for year-round continuous improvement. RE:INVENTION challenges you to transform your company based on changing consumer demands, strategic moves made by your competitors, industry trends, and technology advances. Connect with us on FACEBOOK or TWITTER and share how your company has improved in the past year or how you plan to implement change in Q4 2013. We'll feature the most inspiring company stories in a future RE:INVENTION REPORT.


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For over a decade, RE:INVENTION, a market intelligence and innovation consulting firm, has jump-started growth and created a culture of transformation for 60+ clients, from Fortune 500 leaders to midsize ventures and startups. We're change agents who have helped companies invent and launch over 40 new products and ventures and reinvent underperforming business operations.    



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