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Dear Chicago: Ignore Peter Thiel, Embrace the Edge

by | Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

Dear Chicago: Embrace the Edge and Ignore Peter Thiel. Diversity drives innovation and innovation comes from the edges.

Innovation News Roundup: Summer 2020

Florida’s New Research and Innovation Center

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the value of virus research and therapeutic innovation. READ MORE.

Medical Technology Innovation Boom

Doctors could soon see an unexpected silver lining from the cloud of COVID-19: better data on patients. Because of the fear of going to the doctor, patients may drive a boom in medical devices that monitor their health from afar. READ MORE.

Revolutionary or Evolutionary?

Innovation during Covid-19: do companies really need to to build something new? Companies have a great opportunity to re-create from already existing parts, generating intangible assets and launching great solutions. READ this interesting editorial.

Our Favorite Cloud-Based Innovation Apps

Mindmapping:,, Sketchbook, Ideo Method Cards

Idea Capture: Brainbank, Innoflux, OneDesk, InventionMachine

Innovation Management: Inova, Hype, InnoAnalytics, Nosco App

Portfolio Tracking: SmartOrg, Geniusinside, Maddock Douglas Tracker

Project Management: Slack, Trello, Box, Apptivo, Basecamp

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This Month’s Inspirational Innovator

This month we’re inspired by the winners of the Cincinnati Business Courier’s 2020 Innovation and Technology Awards. The program recognizes companies that are transforming how we use technology while introducing innovative products and services in Greater Cincinnati. LEARN MORE.

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